MA Series

MA Series are compact professional stereo amplifiers engineered to meet the most demanding sound reinforcement needs Professional Amps Design For Professional . From small parts like ic to complex physical circuitry design shows the products, s design engineering team,s talents, MA have embedded Dynamic Processor SOA and intelligent protective control circuit IPC which protect the amplifier and keep the show going under adverse conditions that cause lesser amplifiers to fail. The system can automatic sense irregular fluctuation signals then intelligently performs stablilized and protective functions. Output devices always function in safe temperature and together with low noise forced air cooling fans which increase the stability and reliability of the system.
This compact, high performance class H amplifier is ideal for applications such as recorded music playback, sound reinforcement, mobile DJ, MI and live performances. Full protection from shorted outputs, mismatched loads, overheating, DC input/output and high frequency overload, and full internal fault protection from internal fault are provided by our known IPC circuitry.

ˇďˇˇEnhanced protection

ˇďˇˇPrecise power amp output

ˇďˇˇ2 forced air cooling fans system
ˇďˇˇAdvanced power supply technology
ˇďˇˇClass H architecture
ˇďˇˇAutomatic gain control (AGC) circuit, decrease distortion
ˇďˇˇ2-channel, bridge or parallel connection