Q3 Stereo Multi-band Sound Enhancer

Q3 is a stereo multi-band sound enhancer that can enhance the audio quality of almost any professional sound systems. Applications for this unique design include control and enhance background or live music, PA and sound reinforcement systems as well as an emphasis on special effects devices. The performance capabilities of this new processor design are integrated into an elegant chassis that takes up only a single unit of rack space. Sound enhancement is achieved by adjusting rotary low mix control, tune control, processor control, and high mix control.
¡ï¡¡Build-in 24dB per octave crossover

¡ï¡¡Rotary low mix control to adjust the amount of signal used for low frequency sound enhancement

¡ï¡¡Rotary tune control to adjust the center frequencies of the high pass filter from 1 to 8kHz
¡ï¡¡Rotary processor control to adjust the amount of processing in overall sound mix
¡ï¡¡Rotary high/low mix control to adjust the amount of high/low frequency signal used for sound enhancement
¡ï¡¡IN/OUT switch operates on both channels, in the OUT position the unit is bypassed