Q7 Power Sequence Controller

Q7- Power Sequence Controller is an extremely compact, low cost rack mount power distribution system that is ideal for touring PA systems, touring musical and theatrical acts. Q7 allows you to power up its 8 circuits in a sequenced fashion. The sequence is reversed for power down. In audio systems, sequenced powering is often necessary to allow turn-on transients from low level amplifiers and processors to settle down before any power amps are turned on, because powering would result in a loud, annoying, and potentially destructive pop reaching the speakers. Also sequenced powering can avoid excessive inrush currents that cause circuit breakers to trip even though the steady-state currents are not excessive. That is why Q7 is an essential component for your systems.
¡ï¡¡Front panel key/power switch for Main on and off
¡ï¡¡8 standard AC sockets in rear panel
¡ï¡¡Key/Switch on power ascending order with as short delay time
¡ï¡¡Several Sequence Controllers can be linked to build up power controller networks
¡ï¡¡110/230VAC auto worldwide voltage input