Q8 Distribution Amplifier

Q8 - Distribution Amplifier Professional will find it essential for feeding multiple power amps; Q8 is a professional audio distribution amplifier with 2-input, 8-output,design for distribution of audio signals in large open space area. Q8 is capable of providing 8 discrete balanced outputs from 1 or 2 balanced mic-level or line-level inputs. The level of each output is individually adjusted via one of the eight screwdriver Output Level controls on the front panel. Each output may be assigned to either or both inputs via front panel accessible DIP switches. The outputs are through 8 isolation transformer. This floating ground configuration allows the inputs and outputs patched freely through patching panel and drive long lines without interference. Each output has three-segment LED output level meter, when red light is on which indicate overload.
ˇďˇˇDIP switches for input signals selection

ˇďˇˇIndependent transformer for each output, allows input and output patched freely without     signals interference

ˇďˇˇProvides -30dB to +6dB signal amplifying
ˇďˇˇXLR Balance 2-input and 8-output
ˇďˇˇAutomatic AC power 90VAC - 245VAC