With years of extensive knowledge in digitaI loudspeaker management systems,DOK 5.1 is a NEW digitaI system controlIer with built-in mic mixing consoledesigned to achieve top quality sound, intuitive controI and excellent perfOrmancefor KARAOKE, Meeting or Conference Room, and Live Touring.

The absoIute Iatest in avaiIable technology is utiIized with 32-bit processors andhigh perfOrmance 24-bit Analog ConveFters. The high-bit DSP prevents noise anddistoFtion induced by truncation errors of the commonly used 24-bit fixed--pointdevices. Designed with 5.1 surround sound setting, makes it perfectIy fOr music ormovies pIayback.

lndividual gain control, 4-Band PEQ, Digital Crossover, fulI feature Noise Gate,ExpandeF, Compressor, limiter, fOr each of the 4 wireless or wire microphoneinputs which heIps to minimize the noise generated and interference betweenmicrophones. Automatic compensate or adjust the output Ievel to protect systemwhich is good fOr any seminar or conf6rence.

30 full f6atures Digital Effect Programs with 10 factory pre-defined and 20 user-defined settings. Besides 4 mic. Inputs, DOK is built-in with manual or automaticseIection of stereo inputs fOr BGM, VOD, and DVD. Automatic gradually playbackof BGM if no other input signal detect.

Full features parameter fOr all outputs, each channel fOr source sefection, Volumegain, mute, 6 PEQ, 3 filter types of CrossoveF, Limiter, and delay. DOK can becontroIIed through included PC controI software or lNFRARED remote control.

By employing the most up-to-day DSP and hardware electronic technologies, DOKjs probably the best digital Karaoke and system controlIer in the worId.

¡ï¡¡4 microphones/Iine in, 3 stereo aux-in, 6 channeI outputs
¡ï¡¡Auto input source selection, auto gain control fOr system protection
¡ï¡¡32-bit(40-bit floating point) DSP processing
¡ï¡¡High perfOrmance 24-bit AD/DA conveFter
¡ï¡¡OriginaI Neutrik connectors
¡ï¡¡Each microphone or Line in with 3 bands EQ, each output with 6 bands of EQ setting,    accurate 1 Hz Frequency Resolution
¡ï¡¡Noise gate, expander, compressor and limiter fOr each microphone lnput
¡ï¡¡30 Digital Effect Programs
¡ï¡¡2Ch, 2. 1 Ch, 3.1 Ch, 4Ch, 4.1 Ch, 5Ch and 5. 1 Ch Configuration avaiIable
¡ï¡¡Each output channel can choose input source, microphone, left and right music signaI
¡ï¡¡FiIter types - Butterworth, Bessel, and LinkwitZ Riley 12/24/36l48dB SIope seIect
¡ï¡¡Each output with fulI features Limiter
¡ï¡¡FuII function lnfrared remote control
¡ï¡¡USB or RS485 connect to PC control software fOr Real Time Control