LA Series Line Array Systems

The ODY-PRO LA Line Array Series is a fully integrated, purposed-designed line of loudspeakers that bring singular advantages to large and medium scale real-world sound reinforcement applications.
Drawing upon classical linear array principles, these hybrid systems utilize advanced engineering to optimize line array performance for consistent, reliable coverage across the full frequency range of operation. Special attention to the horn profile and throat geometry resulted in a Alu. Horn design for L12 and L15 that produces a coherent wave front which is much more powerful than tradition designs. Alu.Horn coupled with speical engineered 3-in compression driver is truly optimized line array behavior, affording performance that is superior to conventional line array systems.
To achieve the best result, all LA Series products are designed to use with our DLP4080 Digital Loudspeaker Controller which is preprogrammed with the best configurations and parameters for LA series. Just one click then you don't have to worry about anything but the rest of your systems.
Further ODY-PRO engineers pay particular attention to how loudspeakers are used, not just how they perform. As a result, Quick Fly System is designed to convenient setup. LA-Series just come off the truck, fly and then pack up again with minimum of effort. Moreover to better protection of the LA series, the enclosure use special fiberglass painting for weather proof outdoor purpose applications.
LA Series are scaled to suit applications for touring rental systems, stadiums, arenas and auditorium to small meetings and conventions, houses of worship, nightclubs, distributed theme park systems, and sporting facilities.
products list
LA205 is a mini line array loudspeaker for medium scale sound reinforcement. Using the LA205 Flying Frame it can be flown in vertical columns with 120°„constant dispersion pattern in the horizontal plane.LA205 is a 3-way design housing 8x5" LF drivers and 4x1"driver with 4"line array horn. The cylindrical wave segments of each cabinet will couple without gabs and sum up coherently.
Provides full-bandwidth directionality
Arrayable in multiple columns for smooth, broad coverage
Special designed horn produces a coherent wave front dramatically minimizing distortion
Prodigious output to cover even the largest venues
Fully weather protected fiberglass finishing for long-lasting service in demanding environments
DRIVERS: 8x5"(125mm)/1.5"(35mm) voice coil LF driver
4x1"(25mm) exit compression driver
400W RMS,1600W peak
SENSITIVITY: 92dB 1watt/1 metre
MAXIMUM SPL 118 dB continuous,124 dB peak
IMPEDANCE 4 ohms nominal
120°„x 40°„
CROSSOVER: 900Hz, 2.2kHz passive
CONNECTORS: 2xNeutrik Speakon NL 4
DIMENSIONS: (W)425mmx(H)837mmx(D)512mm
WEIGHT: 43 kg