Technical Specifications Lc480

ODY-PRO introduces the industry leading 4-in 8-out ( LC480) ,3-in 6-out (LC360), 2-in 6-out (LC260), and 2-in 4-out (LC240) Loudspeaker Controller System. New system configurations are possible with the abundant number of audio channels. The 8 outputs (LC480) allow Stereo 4-way, Stereo 3-way + Mono 2-way and Quad 2-way output configurations while the 4 inputs allow Quad Mono (Multichannel), Dual Stereo + Center signal and Stereo Main+Stereo Monitor Signal input configurations. It enables the audio engineer to come up with creative system architectures.
LC Series can be controlled remotely by a PC controller via the USB port . (LC is possible with optional RJ45 LAN card for wire or wireless real time PC control).The firmware of the unit can be upgraded when new features become available. This eliminates frequent upgrade of the actual hardware for new software functions

Inputs and Outputs
Input Impedance: >10k Ohms
Output Impedance:50 Ohms
Maximum Level: +20dBu
Type: Electronically balanced

Audio Performance
Frequency Response:+/- 0.1dB (20 to 20kHz)
Dynamic Range: 115dB typ (unweighted)
CMMR: > 60dB (50 to 10kHz)
Crosstalk: < -100dB
Distortion: 0.002% (1kHz @+4dBu)

Digital Audio Performance
Processor: 32-bit (40-bit extended)
Sampling Rate: 96kHz
Analog Converters:High Performance 24-bit
Propagation Delay:3ms

Front Panel Controls
Display: Backlit LCD
Level Meters: 5 segment LED
Buttons: 12 Mute Controls
2 (Forward/Backward) Channels Gain/Menu Controls
6 Menu Controls
Dial Encoder: Embedded Thumb Wheel

Audio: 3-pin XLR
USB: USB port
Power: Standard IEC Socket
Power: 115 / 230 VAC (50 / 60Hz)
Dimensions: 19-in x 1.75-in x 8-in
(483x44x203 mm)

Audio Control Parameters
Gain: -40 to +15dB in 0.25dB

Polarity: +/-
Delay: Up to 450ms per I/O

Equalizers (6 per I/O)
Type: Parametric, Hi-shelf, Lo-shelf
Gain: -30 to +15dB in 0.25dB steps
Bandwidth: 0.02 to 2.50 octaves (Q=0.5 to 72)

Crossover Filters (2 per Output)
Filter Types: Butterworth, Bessel,
Linkwitz Riley
Slopes: 6 to 48dB/oct

Threshold: -20 to +20dBu
Attack: 0.3 to 100ms
Release: 2 to 32X the attack time

System Parameters
No. of Programs: 30
Program Names: 12 character length
Delay Units: ms, ft, m
Frequency Modes:36 steps/oct, 1Hz resolution
Security Locks: Any individual menu
Copy channels: All parameters
Channel Names: 6 character length