Q162 2X31 Bands Graphic Equalizer

Q162 is a 1/3 octave 2x31 bands constant Q stereo graphic equalizer. It has balanced TRS, XLR, and unbalanced RCA input/output. Filter range switch selection to control the gain range, from +/-6dB to +/-12dB.
¡ï¡¡31 filter level controls to control 31 band pass filters across the acoustic spectrum
¡ï¡¡Active balanced and unbalanced XLR and 6.3mm phone jack and RCA unbalanced only, inputs and outputs for both channels
¡ï¡¡Filter range switch to control the gain range, from +/- 6dB to +/-12dB for maximum boost/cut capability
¡ï¡¡Rotary High Pass Filter control adjustable fro 10Hz to 250Hz to eliminate subsonic noise and rumble
¡ï¡¡Rotary Low Pass Filter control adjustable from 3kHz to 40kHz to eliminate hiss and signal sibilance
¡ï¡¡Bypass switch allows comparison of equalized and unequalized material
¡ï¡¡Constand Q circuitry with 3% center frequency accuracy
¡ï¡¡RFI filter design
¡ï¡¡Fader of 20mm with positive center detent