ODY-PRO: Your Guarantee of a New Altitude in Professional Sound Performance.

Let's get better acquainted. We're ODY-PRO, and we'd like to tell you something about ourselves. We'd also like to give you an overview of what we think are some of the more innovative new professional products around.

The ODY-PRO organization has its origins in every level of the professional audio industry. Manufacturing, sales, distribution, retail - over the past twenty years we've been involved in every significant area of the PRO business. Our hands-on experience in PRO audio has led to a company philosophy of design innovation, performance value, and a commitment backed up by three strategically located international distribution centers designed to service our regional markets.

With our extensive knowledge of the professional market, we set out to come up with new products that offered design innovation, reliability, and unsurpassed performance value. We're proud to say that we've reached that goal, and now offer what we think are some of the finest professional products on the market.

We created our new line of electronics as a family, in which each unit designed to work hand-in-hand with the other, hard and effectively, so that you can rest assured in their performance and reliability. Each ODY-PRO electronic product comes not only with its own very impressive list of specifications, but also with its own comfort zone. These are electronics created by audio professionals for people who depend on music, are musically creative, and thrive on providing an innovative musical environment. ODY-PRO is really about "professionals designing products for professionals."

In order to better our products, ODY-PRO has been joint with a Canadian base company, Xilica Audio Design, a specialist for Digital Processing Design firm. A completely new lines of DSP products has been added to lines.

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