The DLP-4080A was launched successfully a few years ago, with its rapid growing acceptance. It includes all necessary functions for loudspeaker management applications. From Hardware A/D-DSP-D/A selections, to Software EQ-Crossover-Limiter algorithm designs, it keeps the signal path clean and musical. Recent improvements make the DLP-4080A an easy choice among professionals who demand high sonic quality in the analog world. A complete set of parameters include I/O levels, delay, polarity, 6 bands of parametric EQ per channel, multiple crossover selections and full function limiters. Precise frequency control is achieved with its 1 Hz resolution. Input and outputs can be routed in multiple configuration to meet any requirement. The DLP-4080A can be controlled or configured in real time on the front panel or with the intuitive PC GUI via RS-232 or the optional Ethernet interface. Multiple setup storage and system security complete this professional package.
4x8 In-Out Configuration True RMS Soft-Knee Limiter
Xilicas Top Classic Device 4-Line LCD Display for clarity
6 Bands EQ per channel